Sunday, March 22, 2009


The past week or two I have come down with a case of over-do-it-itis. This is a common virus which I am easily suspectible to, have been my whole life. I try hard to practice preventative medicine, and take steps to avoid catching it, but it always gets me in the end. Like usual, I detected symptoms of the coming attack, but it was too late to do anything to stop being affected. I just had to hunker down and take it. The first symptom is being tired. Now, that one is easy to miss, because tired can be a common condition. But, over-do-it-itis can bring a different kind of tired, commonly described by those affilicted as "really tired". You know, the kind of tired where you actually notice it?

I was tired on Wednesday, and then really tired on Thursday. On Thursday, like I always do, I taught aerobics. As a result, on Friday, I was really tired, and really, really sore. What part of doing lunges, then lunges with weights, and then squats with weights did I think was a good idea? (note to self: you are no longer in your twenties!). So, Friday, I move through the work day, really tired, and really sore, and as a result I was really inefficient. I made a number of mental errors, and wasn't on my "A" game. Have no fear, Friday night card making club went on as scheduled! I got my house cleaned (with assistance from my amazing husband !) (that's not sacrasm, it's true!), and then entertained 7 guests for our monthly card making club. Here is one of the cards we made:

Now, a card like that, and a group of talented, fun women to hang out with can only bring joy. And it did! I love card club! Over-do-it-itis doesn't necessarily mean you aren't having fun! It's all fun; that's why you have to do it all! (another symptom-a nuerotic pressure to over-do!) On Saturday, I had more fun! I had 7 different crafty women at my house (I know lots of crafty women!). Seven of my sista consultants from Close To My Heart came over for a unit meeting. We had fun, information, scrapbooking time, prizes and food. Plus we laughed a lot! After that, the day was young! There were craft sales a mere 6 blocks from my home and some extra money in my pocket. Yee-haw! No matter that I'm still really tired, and still really sore, my girlfriend Kelly and I headed for the sales! We had fun, even though my pulled leg muscle occassionally caused me to walk with a limp, it was all good! After that fun, the day was still young (over-do-it-itis slows your perception of time...the days last forever!) Why not go to the mall with the family! There were great sales, and items of need on the list. My son has needed new underwear for weeks. He showed me how they are now cutting into his skin (ouch!). Perfect ammunition to get Mom to go shopping! Finally, when we get home Saturday night, it is time to do just what a case of over-do-it-itis needs................ handle household chores! I had Saturday night and all day Sunday to get groceries, clean house, do laundry, wash my work clothes, pay bills, assist with family genology homework assignments, visit with my aunt, decorate with the crafts I bought yesterday, make dinner, give baths, and last but not least, update my blog. Whew.

Over-do-it-itis is a very interesting in how it runs its course. It requires one to eventually stop and do something (ironic, I know). Maybe that is stop and rest (well, in a few hours it will be bedtime), or stop and relax (probably not happening) or........ stop and be thankful. Yes, thankful. I know that my rendition of a week of over-do-it-itis might sound like complaining, but read carefully, between the lines, you will see evidence of many blessings. Blessings of family, friends, opportunities and gifts. Being thankful, and expressing graditude is the perfect medicine to treat over-do-it-itis. A thankful moment, to count your blessings, will soon cause you to sigh, slow your breath, and with that your mind, and in no time at all, you'll find yourself moving at something less than the speed of light. This will create moments for rest and relaxation which will provide just enough recuperation to get ready for Monday! :)

Counting my blessings, and blogging a bright idea,

Holly Hakes

Sunday, March 8, 2009

How about those Bright Ideas

While on a recent vacation in Florida, I read an excellent book by Wisconsin author, Sandra Kring, entitled "The Book of Bright Ideas". This is a book about two girls, that come into each others lives due to difficult circumstances, and a joyful friendship that emerges. One of the girls keeps a journal of sorts, in which she documents her bright ideas, as well as the bright ideas of her new friend. Those ideas are captured with the clarity and innocence of a nine year old girls mind- and it makes them delightful!

Reading this book caused me to contemplate several 'bright ideas' of my own. Whenever I am on vacation, my brain kicks into overdrive thinking about things that I might not normally have the time to ponder. Those things are usually of a creative vein- like starting a blog, or writing a book, or new scrapbooking ideas! Well, that trip was part of what started my motivation to blog, and that wonderful book is what sparked my blog title, "Blog of Bright Ideas". I know my ideas won't hold a candle to the precious ideas of the characters in that book (which I hope you will get and read!), but the concept of hunting for and capturing bright ideas is a good one for all of us. You'd be amazed at what you will discover when you give yourself a minute to look for something inspiring and motivating!

Speaking of good ideas.....I just finished the family scrapbook page for our trip to Florida. Because we always have a lot of good scrap-worthy photos, I frequently go to my CTMH template book, "Cherish" and use template Fab Fifteen to complete pages with many photos. This time was no different (that template has documented many good memories!).

I typed the journaling this time, including small strips of journaling to help specify all of the great things we did on that trip. I know someday I will be thankful for the extra attention I've taken to document our family memories. I am already thankful!

Here's hoping that you have a great week, filled with inspiring ideas.

Blogging a bright idea,

Holly Hakes

My Inaugural Post

I have been contemplated becoming a "blogger" for some time. No secret to you, it's "all the rage". I've read many blogs, and most of them are from other women who share one of my passions- scrapbooking. I love to scrapbook, and I love to read about and see examples of artwork by women who love to scrapbook like me.

Why haven't I started a blog then? Well, there are a few other irons in the fire. I was hesitant to throw another one in, not because I couldn't handle it, but because I knew I'd probably enjoy it, and then I'd have not another hobby, but another "love" to attend to.

As I mentioned in my profile, I am a lover of many things. And the biggest problem I face in my life, is a drive and a passion to be excellent at all of them. Not that I am excellent at everything I do, but I strive for excellence, and that can occupy a large space of time (and a large part of my subconscious mind chatter!). Regardless, today, I was inspired. Actually, I got a push this last week. Fellow scrapbooker, and CTMH Consultant "Sista" Tammy Hellstren beat me to it. Tammy has a blog ( Tammy's blog gave me a push (thanks for the push and the scraplift of some of your set up!), and then today, I got inspired.

Here's what inspired me today:

This is a scrapbook layout I completed today. I didn't design it myself (I don't have THAT much time!). Like all the pages I created, it came straight out of a CTMH design book, "Reflections" (which you can order from me if you are interested). Even the quote around the perimeter of the page came from the book. It says, "Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. And live everyday as if it were your last.".

That quote was the perfect inspiration for this page I wanted to make featuring a favorite photo of my youngest daughter, Ava. Ava, who is five, is very funny. She most certainly the clown of the family, and is the one who lives life to the fullest. This page is the very last page of our 2008 Hakes Family Scrapbook. I love the picture. It captures her humor, her personality and her zest for life. Working on this page today, got me to think more about the blog, the things that could bring me joy from publishing a blog, and just thinking about life in general.

Do you live everyday as if it was your last? As I was uploading the photo of the page on my computer this afternoon, my daughter Iris, age 7, came in and was admiring the page. She read the quote out loud (she is so proud of her reading ability!). I asked her, "if it was your last day on earth today, what would you do?". She replied promptly, "build a snowman, go swimming and buy a new puppy". What an eclectic trio of wishes for how to spend a last day (and way to pour on the "I want a new puppy guilt" to your mom)!

I hope that my blog can inspire you to create something beautiful, to do something that you've been thinking of, or to just take a minute and ask yourself, what you would do if it was your very last day on earth?--- and then, do it.

Blogging a Bright Idea,

Holly Hakes