Monday, September 28, 2009


Have you ever found yourself wondering how unique you really are? Or thinking about other families in the world, and imaging one just like yours? Could there be another family like mine out there in the universe? One with a 6 foot 4, dark haired husband, and a 5 foot 1, blonde wife? A family with a boy and two girls? Even a family like yours that drives the same vehicle you do? Sometimes, when my mind is wandering, I'll wonder how individualized we really are. The world is so big that it seems pretty possible in my mind, that there are families close in similarity to mine, and probably engaged in the same activities that I am, at the same time.

The power of the possiblities that exist in this universe are astounding. Of course, those powers can be used in a negative fashion, and the "what if's" can be used as a constant fear tactic where we are all encouraged to be "afraid" for the things that might happen. Playing the deck of cards in that fashion can cause people to disengage from one another, to create a perceived haven of safety (which we often assume is one in isolation or seclusion) and to try an further the imagined individuality and uniqueness of ourselves and our families, to put distance between us and the "danger" that lurks out there.

This weekend, while watching my son play football, my mind was wandering around in thoughts like those I have written down here for you. The spin I took on them was to take in the commonality of the day. At that football field, there were hundreds of young boys ready to play football, and hundreds of parents, family members and friends ready to cheer on their number one player.

I watched a family get out of their vehicle behind me. They drove a truck (ok, not a crossover like my Pacifica), the father was short and balding (not like my husband) and the mother was tall but blonde (close, but not exactly)! But, they had a son who they obviously adore (as we do ours). They parked the truck, got out the lawnchairs and water bottles, lovingly tucked in their sons football jersey, gathered the sisters, hugged the son and walked across the field for their sons big day. Every single one of those actions was an exact replica of my family that day, and a mirror image of our experience as a family- love.

In our nation and our culture, in bad economic times, and well honestly, much of time, we like to facinate ourselves with the "bad scenarios". We like to focus on the negativity or the problems or the gossip or the danger. Perhaps, in our nation and culture, in bad economic times, and well honestly, most of the time, we should focus on our commonality. The relationship we share with one another- as families, sons, daughters, friends, citizens and employees is powerful- it's one of community. The strength in a community can lie in its desire to do for the greater good- knowing that the greater good will likely benefit you as well. This isn't a blog about politics or reform, this is a blog about humanity and appreciation. Enjoy your neighbor, love your family, and appreciate your good fortune. Even where there are problems and issues, if you look carefully enough, you can also find blessings and opportunties. Just appreciate and embrace them. They become more obvious that way.

Speaking of blessings, I am still thankful for my new camera. It continues to allow me to capture great photos for my scrapbooks. Here is one of my better photos from the football game- my son, Taylor, is #54 in the blue:

I'm looking forward to this weekend, where I will be attending a conference with Close To My Heart (CTMH), the direct sales scrapbooking company I sell product for. I am thrilled for an opportunity to be with talented artists from across the nation, and to spend some time learning new techniques, seeing new products and putting them all to work- during the Pajama Open Crop- making scrapbook pages of my most precious memories. If you wish you were going to be there too, join my CTMH scrapbooking team and next year, you will be!! Email me for more details.

Bloggin' A Bright Idea,