Saturday, July 17, 2010

A "Cake Boss" Birthday

My family is a big fan of a TLC's "The Cake Boss". For those of you that don't know, this is a reality show in which a family bakery is Hoboken, N.J. and the family son, Buddy are featured. Buddy makes amazing cakes!

For Iris' birthday this year, she "wished" that Buddy could make her birthday cake. I thought I'd see if I could make that a reality. First, I called the bakery and asked if they could ship one ("no", was the answer). Then, I used FaceBook to try and find a friend in NJ that would be willing to try and ship one to me. Fate intervened, and my Uncle Joe, who is a flight attendant and flies out of New York, came to the rescue. Joe was actually coming home for a visit on Iris' birthday (a fact I did not know!). He volunteered to go and get the cake and bring it home.

In the Cake Boss show, much is made of the confusion that arises in the bakery. Cakes are "lost", orders are misplaced and ah, the drama! There is lots of hollering and stress! Uncle Joe said that there is lots of hollering and volume in Hoboken, period. But, there was plenty at the bakery when Joe arrived. Joe needed to pick up the cake at 6:45am in order to make it back to the airport to catch his flight home. Just like on television, the staff could not find the cake. Buddy will always say, "where's the friggin' cake!". Iris imagined him yelling just that as they looked for the "friggin Iris cake!". Only after the staff went upstairs to the bakery looking for it (to ask Buddy himself, no doubt!), was the cake found. After a mad dash via the subway, and a sprint to the plane, Joe came thru! The cake made it to Wisconsin!

We picked up Joe at the airport, and he was here at the house when Iris got home with the surprise. Iris couldn't believe it!! She tasted the cake and declared it "the best in the universe".

Because this is a page about scrapbooking, of course, I have to show you the mini-scrapbook I mailed to Buddy's Bakery ("Carlos Bakery"). We sent this as a thank you album, and much to Iris' delight, Buddy sent an autographed photo in return!

For instructions on how to make your own mini-album, send me a message!

Bloggin' A Bright Idea,